Founder My Good School

Sandeep Dutt, a professional with a unique approach, is committed to transforming schools and creating a learning culture. With a wealth of experience spanning over 40 years, Sandeep has empowered thousands of teachers and impacted the lives of nearly a million children. His approach emphasises a 'culture of learning' where teachers take charge of their professional learning as a critical differentiator. Sandeep's support can help your teams design the future of education and transform your school to deliver better learning outcomes.

Sandeep made a bold announcement at the Global Edfest in Jaipur on August 12th, 2023, introducing the Good Schools Alliance and firmly stating that good schools can empower learners and pave the way towards a brighter future.

Joy Of Learning at the Kalinga Literature Festival 2023. 

Storytalking with Lakshya, a podcast by Launchora, Akshaya Datta speaks with Sandeep to discover his passion for education and work at The Fabindia School.

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