Helping Schools Deliver Better

School Coach, Author, Serial Entrepreneur a multifacet person who has travelled all over the world. As School Coach, he focuses on school transformation with an emphasis on culture as a service. With over 30 years of experience as a trainer and mentor, Sandeep has been involved with schools across the country and worked with teachers and students across the socioeconomic environment. As the National Director of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, he helped strengthen the Program for enabling young people to equip for life.

Sandeep's work for The Fabindia Schools Program to demonstrate excellence in school operations, involving the community and establishing a sustainable model for delivering good quality education in India, is now being replicated on a larger scale. His belief is that the happiness of young people is in our hands, we must do all to help them live their dreams by providing them with the best possible education. Taking ahead this vision and mission, he is working to provide quality education in schools across India.
"Philanthropy is not merely donating or giving away, the real meaning of philanthropy is social wealth creation". - Sandeep Dutt