The Yes Workshop

As a social entrepreneur, Sandeep has worked to empower young people all over the world. He has addressed students and young people in many schools and colleges, attended workshops, conventions and policy groups. Sandeep has been a leader for school-going youth, on adventurous journeys and expeditions. He conducts The YES Workshops and has trained thousands as volunteers, retail staff, teachers and youth workers.

"I see the possibility of a nation where every school offers young people the opportunity to be rewarded for challenging themselves, rewarded for engaging with adult mentors, rewarded when finishing school, and rewarded for giving back to their communities. I believe we can help connect young people with new opportunities to change their world. "~ Sandeep Dutt

The Youth Engaging Society (YES) Workshop was good. Very interesting. We learnt quite a lot. We learnt that each of us is 10/10 yet we may have different likings, ways of thinking and passions. We learnt to work with a team, make something creative and new. The workshop was FUN!! - Sreoshi Mukherjee

I’ve attended a lot of leadership summits and this is the only one where the Trainer was intellectually able to connect with the audience. To make the process finer, kindly see if certain written material/ handouts can be provided for the person to refer to them in future and retain the ideas for a longer period. -  Raghav Mendiratta

This is a great initiative. The workshop was good and it helped me significantly in balancing my studies, sports, skills and services. These workshops should be held more often. - Abhishek Jayaram

It was a good experience with “Youth Engaging Society (YES).” -Yashish Sharma

Just ‘60’ days of YES, what a success! I’m sure this ‘Brand’ is going to go a long way. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Full of FUN and excitement. - Tanya Roy

I think I am going to really sit back and think once in a while really if I could find myself. This workshop has inspired me to a great extent though in the starting this really didn’t interest me, towards the end it leaves strong mark and question in my life.  - Rubani Seth

This has been an experience which is essentially an indispensable step to develop change agents in society. Fun is important to have a life of ‘Fundamentals’. - Sanjog Singh Ahuja

I like the program and I would like to be a mentor. - Keshav Bajaj

I found the whole programme very energetic and knowledgeable. This programme/ workshop has marked some different challenges in front of me. - Pallavi Bhardwaj

There should be additional workshops, as a continuation of this one. This was very interesting and made me realize what I lack to be a leader (honestly). So that is why I would love to attend another workshop as a continuation. - Srivattsan

I really feel good by joining this workshop and I would like to become YES mentor. I am definitely going to convince youth or engaging youth of our school as per their areas of interest. - Neeru Gupta

A really nice motivational program. The ability to change lies within a person himself. - Nirvaan Garg

Apart from the activities, there should be an interaction about the dreams of his/her ventures and what he/she should pursue in the future. Provide the strategies of what an individual person wants to carry on. Lastly, it was a very great & healthy interaction. I really enjoyed and through your inspirational workshop, we would increase in life by leaps and bounds. - Gaurav Singh

I am in class 8 right ... YES has actually convinced me a lot and I would love to prove that “I am a Young Person.” I will surely reach the best levels I could.  Thanks a lot and seriously had FUN. - Navya Kalra

It was really refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this. Sandeep Sir & Devyani Ma’am were really good. We laughed, played games, made projects, showed presentations, and ate toffees. This was a really good experience. - Muskan Periwal

Fair enough I never considered myself to be the right person to make decisions in my life. But after this session, I was extremely thrilled and realized it is me who has the right to carry on with my life as I want to. So hats off!! I hope we have such sessions again in near future. - Radhika Agarwal

I really learnt so much through this workshop and I want it every month. I learnt many new things. I felt happy. It’s boring to study every day in school. I’ll always remember the S-way: Skills, Service, Sports, Study (comes at last! Last but not the least I had FUN :-D - Shivi Verma

It was something different. Well, I love philosophy, so taking this workshop in that sense. Somewhere, where you find yourself to be something/someone important to yourself. It was a blend of relaxation + brain training + Career Counseling + Philosophy. - Simran Utreja

I really loved the way everything was done. I want this program to take place again so I get one more opportunity to attend this workshop. I would like to advise that you should conduct this workshop in as many schools as possible.- Shyama

It was something I did the first time. I felt excited throughout the workshop. It made me confident and made me believe in myself. Thank you, Sir. - Ishi Agarwal

It was a good workshop which helped the children to set their goals in life. To find their way and to have trust in themselves. This organization is very helpful. Not to be discouraged by others and say “YES I can do it.” It was very enjoyable and a lot of learning. The notebook was a small source for us to write our dreams like to share with our best friends.   – Manavi Agarwal

YES is a workshop which has really helped us know ourselves better and it is doing a great job to engage the young people. My thanks to Mr Dutt. - Yamini Kandoi

We had a lot of fun and joy a lot of knowledge by doing this 6 hr workshop. We learnt a lot of new things and we tried finding out who we actually are. It is so clear for us to decide that what do we want to become. Our aim is very strong now. - Ashna Chaisuphakul

It was very exciting class. I want to attend more class like this where we get to learn more. - Shreya Goyal

It was nice attending this workshop. I was not willing to come for it as I heard it’s for a long time but before the first break I got interested in it and was happy to attend it,. 
THANKS, A LOT. - Sheenam Garg

It was a great experience empowering such a workshop. It clearly spreads the message of being yourself and the 4S ways. It was very interactive and Sir hope to see you again soon. Sir, you are a great mentor and witnessing you was a great experience. - Sameeksha Mehta

Our mentor Mr Sandeep Dutt has totally convinced me not to pressurize myself about the career I need to choose and about knowing myself better. I would love to have such workshops in our school because it was not only knowledgeable but also lots and lots of FUN. - Priya Guglani

It was a knowledgeable workshop. I learnt a lot of things. Got to know ourselves better. Continue spreading leadership amongst youth. Thank you Sandeep Sir and Devyani di. - Mudita Sadana

I think that it was really helped me in many ways. Now I know what I have to do in my life. Before entering the room I was only thinking that 6 hrs workshop how will I attend it. After attending, I think those 6n hrs are the most useful to me and I thank you for coming here in Hopetown. -Harmanpreet Kaur

First of all, I would like to thank each one of you who were a part of representing and organizing the workshop. At the beginning, I was in full mood of bunking it but slowly and gradually I realized that this is a very helpful workshop. After having a few words over the phone with my mom I explored that this is going to help me in my future as I want to become a politician and leadership is needed! - Vrinda Bajaj

It was one of the best experience for me. Gained a lot of knowledge and had extreme fun. I am a young woman. Oh! YES. - Kritika Jain

I really did enjoy this workshop. But more as a few points to just lead a happy life. It taught me life is not only fun, but also enjoyment and a discovery. Thank you! - Tanya Bindal

It was an amazing workshop. The trainers were really nice. I really appreciate them. - Vippra Arora

It was a nice experience. It was really knowledgeable work. I learnt a lot. I’ll again like to attend this workshop. - Trisha Mishra

The workshop was really fun. It was a great time to interact. We understand ourselves better. We understood the ladder to success. - Ashmita

This programme has really helped me in finding myself. I have really enjoyed this programme and have also learnt many things like we should do what we want to and not what others force us to do. I have also gained a lot of confidence and have learnt how to work in a team. - Sakshi Chaudhary

Today I learned many good things from this workshop. I even learned how  to manage time and that I am a young person and can do whatever I want to do. I will carry the things what I have learned for my whole life. - Yashvi Kardoi

I think this workshop has taught me the difference in what I was yesterday and what I am today and thanks for it because till yet I don’t have a specific dream but after I’ll surely have one soon & with a mentor too. - Muskaan Munjal

NOTHING To RECOMMEND. It was amazing. Great fun and an awesome learning experience. Got to know a lot of new things. - Faiza Khatra

It was an amazing experience and learning. I will surely apply it in my life and of course, will tell it to my parents. I will try to maintain the 4S ways and I will always make my life an adventure. I will keep in touch so that I am always updated. Thank you for teaching me new goods and the meaning of life.  - Gopika Agarwal